That’s Life

Here you find my thoughts on life, humanity, and all that other stuff that most people couldn’t care less about. Enjoy!

  • The $20 Christmas Giving Challenge! (12/12/2016) - It’s the most wonderful time of year and all that, so this year I decided I would do something new to celebrate in the spirit of the season: I’m going to donate $5 to four charitable or volunteer organizations!  Sure, $5 isn’t much money, but that’s where the challenge part comes into play – if […]
  • Believe (2/26/2016) - Had a dream about an old friend… Took a few minutes to look them up on the o’l interwebs and I couldn’t be more proud of all they have done with their life. A younger me would feel bad about not living up to his own potential, thinking that by comparison he has squandered his […]
  • Election 2015 – Please, Please Vote and Use Your Vote Wisely (5/29/2015) - Please vote in this year’s Canadian federal election and know who you are voting for, at the personal level. Our system of politics is crazy, in that it thrusts “parties” into power rather than providing us with a house of representatives who are actually free to speak and act on our behalf. Our current governing […]
  • Snail Mail – Still Useful in 2015 (5/7/2015) - This is a two part post about how regular mail is still useful in the digital age. It’s funny too, because both of the things I used slow old “snail mail” for recently were problems I had putting off for months. Part 1: That’s a mighty big File You’ve Got There! After giving Guild Wars […]