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These posts are about games and game design, usually related to the various games that I have played.

Elite Dangerous

  • Hobbies, Elite Dangerous, and Making Games… (5/20/2016) - Time, there’s only so much of it and they ain’t making any more of it. Or so I have heard. Part of why I don’t post much (and why I stopped hosting my own site and moved it into a free blog) is because any time I spend posting things here is time I […]

Guild Wars 2

  • ArenaNet – Let me help you spend my money! (12/12/2015) - The following is a positive, sincere account of how I have spent money on MMOs in the past and what I personally find valuable in Guild Wars 2. My intent is to help ArenaNet (makers of Guild Wars 2) make money from gem sales and expansions, by telling them explicitly what I WILL purchase (not […]
  • $70 Canadian is too much for an expansion pack to an MMO Game (12/1/2015) - It really is. In the past I have spent many hours on the forums of Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside, and other games that I have played, but for some reason I never really felt compelled to take part in the Guild Wars 2 forum. Today, that changed. At least for one post. I thought long […]
  • Giving Guild Wars 2 a Fair Shake (3/13/2015) - It’s funny, my wife gave me Guild Wars 2 for Christmas in 2012 (because I totally asked her for it lol…) and I’ve barely played it since then. I had watched some videos of it prior to launch and I was extremely impressed with world design, the skill system being based on weapon type and […]

Planetside 2

  • Daybreak Game Company is not simply “Sony Online Entertainment with a new name” (11/15/2015) - For many years I have played Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMOs for short), with Star Wars Galaxies, Planetside 2, and World of Warcraft being the ones I have enjoyed the most. The first two of those games were made by Sony Online Entertainment, a Sony subsidiary which was sold in 2015. Since that sale, […]

Star Wars Galaxies

  • SWGEmu – The Quest for a Small Community Experience (6/5/2016) - I was recently contacted by another kind person who was reading some of my posts on Mod the Galaxy and found dead links that pointed to the self-hosting I stopped paying for a while back. Sorry about that, I truly am, but it got a bit expensive for me, given how few people ever visited […]

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